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This is a simple form made by us which can be used by users to submit their post to get published at CIPS Blog.

We have tried our best to make this process simple. To get your post published, you just need to Enter a Title, Content part, a Featured Picture for the post, and select the category for which you are interested to write.

Your post will be added for a review and a standard 7 days time will be taken for its evaluation. Publication is subject to the quality of content and hence we do not guarantee the publication. Adding to it, Center for Intellectual Property Studies reserves its right to make minor changes in the article to enhance the blogging spirit of the article.

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Choose a smart post title: Always choose a title which generates a sense of excitement, dubiousness, or any question. By this, interest for the article will be geared by the readers. It is suggested to start it with something like “How”, “Why”, “When”, “5 Thing you should know about….” And etc.

Content must be in paragraphs, a subtopic(s) is much appreciated, and in the mean time, try questioning the readers. Challenge their vision or thoughts.

Prima Facie, meaning of Featured Photo must be clear and a blog post is incomplete without an Image. If you are copying the image from some other location, please recognize him/her in your article’s body.

Category, yes, and let me tell you about the categories (it’s a pattern in which we classify the posts). It’s kina file management system in a office. Currently we have not divided any posts in categories, but we will soon start dividing.

Blogging is one’s own sphere where one can openly express his views about day to day topics. The very essence of blogging leads an individual to retrospect and provides a platform for the sharing of ideas and innovations. Lately, Blogging has turned into a business venture between people belonging to diverse areas and cultures. Such practice leads to effective sharing of information and promotes social networking. A typical blog consists of our own views, images, and links to other relevant blogs. A personal blog may be a personal diary and commentary of life affairs – family, college or society.

The idea of blogging revolves around being popular with genuine views and forecasting what the society would go through in the near future. Blogging platform can be an effective platform to raise some noise, make awareness and bring to forefront your views and opinions. Thus, Blogging is the way of life for all those whose life is concentrated upon how societal change affects one’s surroundings. An overview of the whole idea of blogging is essential before stepping into the blogging sphere.

We will add a list of few basics requirement in a blog post and we will also provide a brief about SEO, so here it goes.

  1. A catchy Title (before giving a title to your post, think as a target readers; what keywords they can use while searching for their doubt, so that your articles’ title attracts them)
  2. A picture: yes, its important. A picture in a blog post creates interest for a reader and also search engines.
  3. Your blog post should never be monotonous, in-fact it should compromise of few paragraphs, questions (helps in generating comments), Subtitles, references, etc.
  4. Volla !! you are ready for your first post :)
  5. But here comes a critical question. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  6. These are technical aspect of blogging, but becomes fun, if you have a awesome web/blog developer, and also selection of a effective CMS (Content Management System) helps.

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