This Center (CIPS) was inaugurated on 14th of September 2013, in 1st KSOL National Conference on Intellectual Property Rights by Prof. (Dr.) N. L. Mitra, Chancellor, KIIT University as one-of-its kind student run Center solely dedicated for the development of research in several aspects of Intellectual Property Law in and around the country. The center was founded with a view of making it a pivotal Center of excellence.

CIPS is the acronym for Centre for Intellectual Property Studies and It aims at promoting the importance of intellectual property rights among the students which would help them stand in a good stead to cater to the rise in the IPR related issues in India. It also aims at forging alliances with other organisations and think tanks to provide assistance to them on any IP related matters or research activities.


The council through development and dedicated research endeavours to make CIPS a pivotal center of excellence in the field of Intellectual Property law and practice.


The center aims at providing an indispensable platform to students, institutions, practitioners, academicians and policy makers to discourse the multitudes of activities of all areas relating to Intellectual Property law and practice through development and research thereby bringing together above several multidimensional faculties at a common stage aiding towards the growth, enhancement and advancement of Intellectual Property domain in the country and beyond. The center engages in several activities like research, seminars, conferences, competitions, journal etc. and thrives to become a signature and symbol in its class.